Happy 2nd Birthday Wesley…I Think We’ll Stop Here…

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This past Friday, we celebrated Wesley’s 2nd Birthday. In the morning, Aimee and I took him to the DuPage Children’s Museum. Out of all the cool activities they had there, I believe Wesley’s favorite was the big wind tunnel:

In the evening, we just had a small celebration at Lolo and Lola’s. Here is Wesley acting cheeky as we sing “Happy Birthday”:

On Saturday, we had the whole family over at Lolo and Lola’s for Wesley’s official birthday party. As¬†expected, the house was packed to the rafters with family and food. Here is Aimee helping Wesley open up his gifts:

Then, we all gathered around the cake for another round of “Happy Birthday”. I think Wesley was a bit awestruck at all of the attention. He still needs to learn that the candles are there to blow out and not to touch:\

And, this is definitely an appropriate place to put an end to 15 Hours Ahead and our great Australian adventure. Hope you all have enjoyed reading about our life Down Under as we have had writing about it. We certainly look forward to the day we can read this with Wesley and teach him about all the things he experienced during his first two years. It is a time in the life of our family that Aimee and I will cherish forever.

Joe, Aimee and Wesley

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