Where’d the Coffee Table Go?!?!?

October 21, 2012 on 6:47 pm | In Announcements, Apartment | 1 Comment

After returning from Cairns, it was officially time to start preparing to return home. As part of our return, we will be shipping, selling, giving away, or throwing away all of our stuff. This past week, I put a few non-essential items up on Gumtree which is like a nicer version of Craigslist. The first item to go…the coffee table. Although, we hadn’t used it as a coffee table for almost a year…it was mainly toy storage. The weekend before we return home we will have a big “everything must go” sale, but it feels good to get the process started earlier than later.

Here is Wesley helping put tape on one of our boxes. We will be shipping a few boxes home right before heading to Asia. Luckily, we can actually ship it to an address this time. When we came here, my parents had to ship our pre-packed boxes which was quite an undertaking. This time, it will be over and done with a month ahead of our return home.

And while we are excited to return home, it is hard not to also be sad. A lot of toys won’t be making the trip back like the corn popper. Wesley has gotten a lot of use out of all of his toys, so it seems natural to trade some older toys that he has outgrown for something different when we return. And as we have well documented on this site, Wesley can find use out of almost anything.

The saddest thing to sell was my bike. Here is Wesley and I right before what turned out to be our last ride together. I had used it some earlier in the year, and then stopped for a while during winter. This past couple months, though, we have used it a lot. I was getting pretty good at pushing us up some of the steeper hills. When we rode, you could tell Wesley really enjoyed it because he would just sit there and look around. Every once in a while, he would point something out he recognized…most of the time it was a plane. By the time summer rolls around in Chicago, he will most likely be too big for the seat. Maybe by that time, he will want a bike of his own!

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  1. When you return to Chicago you can start on the next Bambino and he/she can ride with you on your bike:)

    Comment by Aunt Sara — 27/10/2012 #

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